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We at Pájaka pledge to offer non pasturised, organic dairy products with no growth hormones, rBST, antibiotics and free from artificial ingredients or additives


A farm managed with family values to create ideal conditions to bring freshest, highest quality products to your table

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With the increasing demands of our products, we decided to extend our service & delivery far and wide, through our online store – phalamrutha

Pájaka caters to earmarking a preservative free organic farming zone without compromising on quality and integrity. Certain tastes are ingrained in us and these resemble the true tastes of our tradition since centuries. Our goal is to revive the authentic traditional food, which is tasty, healthy using modern technology and highest standards of organic dairy farming.

Pájaka believes in providing the best of conditions for their cows to produce milk, the way nature intended. Responsibly raised animals and a farm managed with family values create the ideal conditions to bring the freshest, highest quality, most perfect products to your table.

The milking system accumulates data per cow on milk production and cow health. This signals us for any real time changes or implications, allowing us to devote attention towards the health and well being of the cows.

Once milked, it is brought down by 4 degrees centigrade, packed in sterilised glass bottles & delivered to our consumers' doorsteps in refrigerated vans. Through the process, wholesomeness of the milk is kept intact to be enjoyed by our consumers.

​For our mango plantation we have used modern plantation technique called Ultra High Density Plantation (UHDP), which enables us in better pest control, easy harvesting & easy monitoring of health of the plants.Technologically we use advance methods in our farming techniques comprising usage of hydroponic systems, which virtually eliminates the requirement for herbicides and pesticides.